Women's Self-Defense

The trained attacker will react only to a blow that without padding would do sufficient damage...
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Vulnerable Points

The head is, of course, the command centre of the body, housing the brain and most of the major sense organs, including the eyes, nose, ears and mouth, all of which are....
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His life's work encompassed Citizens as well as police Officers, Military special force & Close Protection, Bodyguard Training - Security In FC-Jujitsu and The principles of Full Force Self-defense…..

Take advantage of a great opportunity, train one-on-one with Ostad(Shihan) Babri , and

Take your MMA, Kick Boxing, JUDO & JUJITSU training to a higher level.


* Advance quicker in belts

* Improve speed, power, cardio and technique

* Competition & Certification training

* Improve your boxing skills

* Improve your MMA , JUDO & JUJITSU

* Better flexibility and strength

* Improve your stamina and endurance

Learn the Full Force Self Defense System

Personal Protection & Self Defense Program
The WMMA self defense system offers combat training for individuals or groups seeking effective and professional training in: 

Self Defense

         Risk Reduction

         Hand to Hand Combat

         Primary Entering Strategies

         Basic Escapes

         Basic Controls

         Weapon Disarms & Defense

         Multiple Encounters: Positioning & Deployment

         Team Awareness


         Grappling vs. Control

Benefits include:

·         Self Empowerment & Assertiveness Training

·         Self Inspiration

·         Improved Posture

·         Mental Clarity

·         Verbal/Non-Verbal Communication Skills

·         Strength & Flexibility

·         Enhanced Sensitivity Awareness

·         Adaptability

·         Instinctualized Response

·         Optimized Energy Delivery:  Internal Reference for Speed/Power Maintenance

·         Root Mechanics for all Combat Motions

·         Critical Incident Acuity

·         Choice/Responsibility and Consequence

We provided Self defense Training for:

* Corporate Self Defense Seminars

* Women’s Self Defense

* Private Sessions

* After School Programs for Children

* Continuing Education College Courses

* Military and Law Enforcement Officials

* Body Guards & Security Personnel

* Pilots & Flight Attendants

* Teachers

* Nurses

* Executives

* Anyone who wishes to learn Personal Protection/Self Defense

WMMA / STG Training Courses:

* Self Defense & Personal Protection Seminar (1.5 – 2 hours)

* Weekend Workshops - Accelerated Program (8 hours/day)

* Advanced Workshops - Skill Progression (8 hours/day)

* WMMA/STG Tactical Training (2 classes/week @ 2 + hours/class)

* Executive Protection

* Semester Courses

* Mind/Body Harmonization (1-2 hours/week)

     Please contact us to coordinate an event at your location; specialized training for your walk of life.  We can design a curriculum specifically for your personal or professional needs.  Because of the
programs built-in universals, WMMA can accommodate for any basic, intermediate and advanced self defense and personal protection training in any environment.

Seven Second Self Defense Systems

The Most Effective, Easiest to Learn Self Defense System in the World. 

You will learn exactly what to do in the Vital First Seven Seconds of any attack

You will learn it in minutes and use it for a lifetime

Strikes - Punches - Kicks

* Learn full contact shocking techniques

* Knock Out zones and pressure points

* Restraining techniques

* Weapons disarms

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