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   For over many years Grand Master Ali Babri, 8th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor has been host to one of the most unique programs for self defense offered anywhere in the CANADA & All over the World . Grand Master Babri offers His students the opportunity to use full force techniques on a fully-padded attacker.
   The trained attacker will react only to a blow that without padding would do sufficient damage to allow escape. These way students KNOW if their defensive techniques will work. Target areas are explained, real-to-life scenarios are played out and students are put in as many situations as possible, building confidence in their defensive moves and their right to use them to survive!

This program has been presented to many local businesses for employees and has a regular circuit
of mother's clubs and
professional organizations that call us back year after year

WMMA Upcoming Seminar

Private training costs:
1. One to four people for ten full hours = Only $500.00 weekday/ $650.00 weekend
2. One to four people for five full hours = $300.00 weekday/ $450.00 weekend.

3. Five or more people (see seminar rates)
4. Three hours of private lesson with Ostad Shihan Ali Babri, plus unlimited group classes for one week = $300.00
5. One hour private lesson, plus unlimited group classes for one week = $150.00
6. Unlimited group classes for one week = $110.00

7. Drop in fee for one night = $60.00
Note: Drop-in training is limited to WMMA  members only. Please ensure that you have an active WMMA membership before contacting us about this option.
Learn the Full Force Self Defense System
Personal Protection & Self Defense Program
The WMMA self defense system offers combat training for individuals or
groups seeking effective and professional training in:

Self Defense/Risk Reduction/Hand to Hand Combat/Primary Entering Strategies/Basic Escapes/Basic/Controls/Weapon Disarms & Defense/Multiple Encounters: Positioning & Deployment/Team Awareness/Immobilizations/Grappling vs. Control


Benefits include:
Self Empowerment & Assertiveness Training/Self Inspiration/Improved Posture/Mental Clarity
Verbal/Non-Verbal Communication Skills/Strength & Flexibility/Enhanced Sensitivity Awareness
Adaptability/Instinctual zed Response
Optimized Energy Delivery:  Internal Reference for Speed/Power Maintenance/Root Mechanics forall Combat Motions/Critical Incident Acuity
Choice/Responsibility and Consequence

We provided Self defense Training for:

Corporate Self Defense Seminars/Women’s Self Defense/Private Sessions
After School Programs for Children/Continuing Education College Courses
Military and Law Enforcement Officials/Body Guards & Security Personnel
Pilots & Flight Attendants/Teachers/Nurses/Executives
Anyone who wishes to learn Personal Protection/Self Defense/Prices for Canadian Seminars:
$250 Both Days
$110  per day
$300 Advanced Class Both Days
$600 Improvised Weapons Both Days

When a picture tells more than a thousand words…..

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DSC04552q1.jpg DSC05254a1.jpg DSC055051.jpg
DSC05559_21.jpg DSC056021.jpg DSC056331.jpg
DSC062841.jpg DSC062891.jpg DSC064451.jpg
DSC066491.jpg DSCF00101.jpg e1.jpg
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